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Delicate coffee blends & varieties

The quality of a cup of coffee depends on many factors. The quality of the raw materials, blending of varieties, the roasting process and much more all contribute to brewing the perfect cup of joe.

Being one of the oldest coffee roasting companies in Athens, Rizopoulos Coffee has elevated coffee roasting to a form of art. Over ten decades of expertise and knowledge contribute to perfection of coffee picking, roasting and blending.

We continue to roast our coffee blends the same way we have for decades, using our traditional coffee roasting machine, without any preservatives or other additives, in order to offer you the enjoyment and the benefits of high quality traditional Greek coffee.

Varieties & blends

To prepare our coffee, we only use the most exquisite, high-quality blends, made from the most established coffee varieties. Every sip you take contains the strong and delightful taste of Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and India.

We roast our coffee fresh every day and grind it in front of you at the time of purchase so that it retains its freshness and distinct flavor.

φρεσκοκαβουρδισμενος ελληνικος καφες

In our store and in our webshop, you will find all kinds of coffee: Greek coffee, filter coffee, espresso coffee, instant coffee. Our coffee is available either as whole bean or pre-ground, traditional or decaffeinated.

The beneficial properties of traditional Greek coffee

Researchers have repeatedly proven that the consumption of traditional Greek coffee entails many health benefits: It is rich in antioxidants. It reduces the chance of a stroke or cardiac arrest. It boosts cell health. It improves longevity.

ελληνικος καφες

Furthermore, in moderate quantities, and if no sugar has been added, it has no calories, since coffee beans do not possess fat or carbohydrates.